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The Sma Glen, Glen Quaich and Glen Lyon are three of the most spectacular Scottish walking areas and are invitingly close to Auchterarder for ramblers and hikers of all levels.

People looking for more adventurous and more strenuous Scottish country walks can head to Ben Lawers, Schiehallion and Tarmachan Ridge and provide higher, more technical mountain walks in Scotland

For those that attempt these walks the rewards are mesmerizing, with fantastic views of the highlands and surrounding Perthshire landscapes.

To enjoy a more leisurely stroll, especially with children in tow, the gentle pathways around Loch Tay and Loch Earn will provide ample opportunities to appreciate the wonderful countryside with superb photography possibilities.

To get you started, here are some suggestions on our doorstep…

Frandy Reservoirs, Glendevon

Distance 5.3 miles, Climb 574 ft Time 2 – 2.5 hours

This is fairly simple walk on private tarmac road throughout that follows a private road intothe empty glens of the Ochils, with good views over two reservoirs.

Provost’s Walk, Auchterarder

Distance: 5.5 miles, Climb: 310 ft, Time 2 – 2.5 hours

This walk takes its name from Provost TE Young who in the 1930s extended the existing footpath across the golf course.  This route takes in Provost’s Walk as a well as a number of others. Very quickly you will escape the bustle of traffic and shops and find yourself in the countryside. Although the route described dips back into the town at one point, you are largely in peaceful surroundings.

From the lodge, head up the High Street, twalk past the police station and parish church before turning right, down the residential Abbey Road. Go all the way to the bottom of the road and when you see a sign for Glenruthven Mill pointing left, go right – along a lane by the side of Ruthven Water

Continue on the lane that bears right, away from the burn as arrows direct you up to a metal pedestrian gate just past Milton House. Follow a path on the other side of the gate with a field on the other side of a fence to the right. Ignore steps going up to the right and at a weir where the Ruthven Water comes from under the A9 go straight ahead, keeping a hedge to your left and following a sign for Jubilee Walk. Ignore turnings to the right then, after a little dip and a short flight of steps, go left at a signpost, down a grassy path into woods. Go straight on at a signpost, keeping a hedge to your left with the A9 beyond it

After emerging from the trees continue on the path, now with fields to the right and go ahead again at the next signpost. The path veers right at a small wood and reaches a road, which you cross and turn right. After only about 20 yards go left through a gate at a golf course, following a sign for Provost’s Walk. Arrows guide you, right, across the course, emerging at another road, where you again go right. Go left at the main entrance to the Cairn hotel, down Tullibardine Road, which you follow to the edge of the town. Go left here, down a path between trees – this is known as the Oak Walk. Drop down the path with a burn joining from the left. Just after crossing the burn go right at a fork, cross a stile and follow a path past a cottage. A long straight track then leads to a road where you go right. At the end of the road is Auchterarder’s High Street, where you go left to return to the start. 

Pathway around Provost's Walk Auchterarder
Frandy Reservoir Walk
With Perthshire known as the “gateway to the highlands” we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery that Scotland offers, and so the perfect place for walking in Scotland.

Pathway along the Provost's Walk, Auchterarder

The Frandy Reservoir

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