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If relaxing your time away fishing is your thing there are many Lochs and Rivers for both the seasoned fisherman and the novice.  There is even our own private river that runs behind the lodge, stocked with salmon at times.  Some suggestions….

Situated a few miles west of Gleneageles, Orchill Loch offers 2 well stocked lakes and a 3rd under development.   Offering a picturesque and tranquil environment for a perfect Scottish fishing experience – its apparently not uncommon to catch fish in the 3lb – 8lb range.    The loch is stocked twice weekly with “hard fighting” rainbow trout. The Loch is considered to be one of the best small waters in Central Scotland and attracts many fishermen from far and wide. Family groups are welcome

Milton Lake is where the larger fish can be found: carp to over 20lbs, Tench, Golden Orfe (to 5lbs+), Chubb, Bream. Has depths of up to 12ft at the deepest - fishes well with Waggler during the warmer months and the method feeder for the colder parts of the year. Good mixed bags can be had from most of the pegs.

The Snake (outer) is where carp (to double figures), Barbel, Tench, Bream, Barbel, Roach and Perch can be found. This is where the competitions are held, so it can be difficult to get on at weekends. A shallow margin shelf to 4ft, falling steeply to 9ft in places with 50+ pegs (most with platforms). Ideal for pole anglers, with widths up to 16 meters, fish can be had on most pegs, but favourites would appear to be pegs 1 - 3 and 55 upwards.

The Snake (inner) – for smaller Carp, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Bream. A good choice for those that love bagging up on silverfish…..maggot and sweetcorn are great for this.

Boat Hire available

Orchill Loch, (Rainbow Trout)    


Frandy Fishery

Flyfishing  - Rainbow, Blue & Brown Trout

In the Ochil hills on the nearby Gleneagles Estate, the Frandy Fishery focuses on fly-fishing for quality rainbow, brown and blue trout in their upland reservoir set amid stunning scenery. The reservoir is stocked weekly which ensures no shortage of fish.     Stunning walks nearby too….

Tuition and coaching for the novice.

Boat hire & Lifejackets available

Auchingarrich Trout Fishery

Open daily - Bait and Fly fishing ponds stocked with rainbow trout. Everyone is welcomed and rods supplied if required.

Parking for all cars at Auchingarrich Wildlife Center and tickets tickets for Fishery can be bought at the shop – which also provides tackle hire and refreshments at the onsite Café.

Fly Fishing Instruction (from the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre)

This course is aimed at the complete novice in a friendly and relaxed fashion.   A great pond, ideal for beginners set in beautiful scenery - where you will get a cup of coffee and a biscuit.

If a fish is caught they can gut your fish for take away

Fly Fishing at Orchill Loch
Frandy Fishery Flyfishing for rainbow, blue and brown trout
Fishing in Perthshire
Fly fishing instruction

Orchill Loch, Braco

Frandy Fishery 

Fun for all ages learning fly fishing

Stunning lochs and rivers in Perthshire

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