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Falconry & Birdwatching

It is said that the art of Falconry is one of the oldest and most aristocratic of sports and has long been regarded as the “Sport of Kings” - the falcon traditionally being a gift between royalty.    Certainly - the most beautiful of birds of prey and can be seen a short distance away from Otter Lodge in Auchterarder.

Gleneagles Falconry

Auchterarder  (3.5 miles away)

At Gleneagles Falconry, professional Falconers provide instruction to meet every level of falconry experience and involvement. Basic techniques are taught during introductory falconry lessons and skills can be developed further during sessions when you can fly birds of prey at game, on sporting ground adjoining the Gleneagles estate.   This is a 5 Star experience in every sense

Phoenix Falconry,         

Easterton Farm, Auchterarder

Visit Easterton Farm where they have created a brand new breeding, hunting and education facility, right next door to Gleneagles hotel (which they must be delighted about!!).   A good bit more “affordable” versus Gleneagles, the Pheonix Falconry offer a range of displays, demonstrations, short sessions, full and half day experiences where you can get closer to and interact with the birds, or walk and watch hunting.

Famed for its stunning views and landscape, this custom-designed facility provides luxury accommodation for their clearly much-loved collection of birds…..with heated, state-of-the -art aviaries for their comfort, incubator and rearing rooms and an indoor interactive artificial insemination project.

With an amazing collection of approximately 60 Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Owls and Buzzards from around the world (including some of the rarest or unusual species found in the country), the head falconer, "Adrian Hallgarth”, is a recognised expert and author on falconry.   He has accumulated the collection over a lifetime providing near unrivalled species collection anywhere in the world.

There are also presentations, film and photography footage, natural history displays and original wildlife artwork by famous artist "Alan Hayman” of the "Glenlyon galley”.    Tea / coffee etc and parking.

Argaty Red Kites,     

Doune (18 miles away)

For bird-watching with a BIG difference!

A purpose-built hide to view these magnificent birds and their amazing flying. This is a special project supported by the RSPB where the aim is to put a self-sustaining population of Red Kites back in the wild.   Human feeding is therefore minimal.    Depending on season and weather the number of Red Kites at Argaty varies - but is at its height in the Autumn and Winter.


How quickly they start feeding on any given day is unpredictable: it depends what food they have found for themselves and how in need they are of a "top-up". That's the fun of bird-watching though, and they always have good views of these majestic birds whether flying, perching or feeding.

There is an “all-abilities” path to the hide (500m), toilets (including disabled facilities), and Visitor Centre with hot drinks available (but no café) and picnic tables next to the bumblebee garden.

Great Grey Owl in flight
Learning Falconry and handling Birds of Prey
Red Kite in flight at Argaty Red Kites
Learning Falconry owl
Red Kites coming into to land
Large bird of prey falconry

Stunning Red Kite at Argaty

Falconry at Gleneagles

Falconry at Phoenix Falconry

Falconry at Phoenix Falconry

Stunning Red Kite in flight at Argaty

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